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Company Name:Limited liability company «TransMashEnergo»
Legal Address:Stasovoy street 4, Office A350, Moscow, Russian Federation
Individual Taxpayer Number (ИНН)/ the Reason Code of Registration (КПП):7724634653/772401001
Main State Registration Number (ОГРН):1077760701996
All-Russian classifier of enterprises and organtizations (ОКПО):83097669
Payment Instructions:USD payments

Acc. 40702840920010001088   
Bank of beneficiary: UniCredit Bank AO, Moscow, Russia. SWIFT Code: IMBKRUMM.
Correspondent bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York, SWIFT Code: CHASUS33.

RUB payments

Acc. 40702810620010002799
BIK (bank identification code) (БИК): 044525545 
Correspondent account 30101810300000000545

Tel./Fax:+7 (495) 660-05-79
General Director:Alim Kambachekov
Chief Accountat:Tatiana Shcherban
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